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"Shaneikwa is an exceptional virtual assistant who stands out from the rest. Her attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring that every task is completed with high accuracy and quality. Moreover, her pleasant demeanor and supportive attitude make her an absolute joy to work with. Shaneikwa's positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond make her an invaluable asset to any team or project. From responding to emails and managing schedules to organizing important documents and data, she handles all tasks professionally and efficiently. Overall, I highly recommend Shaneikwa as a virtual assistant. "

- Jeanine Hall

Founder, Quant Solutions

“Diana and her team have taken so much off my plate and saved me countless headaches as a result. She is not only super competent but she’s also proactive, seeing around corners and anticipating issues that could trip us up down the road.”

- Jon Hood

Founder & Managing Attorney, Hood Venture Counsel, P.C.

"Diana and ACE Virtual Assistants are a critical part of our team. She manages the hundreds of emails I receive every day - all the information I receive from emails to calendar to databases and research. She is one step ahead of me!"

- Abby Levy

Managing Partner and Founder, Primetime Partners

"I have worked with Crystal for almost 5 years, and she has been an integral member of the team throughout my time working with her.  Crystal is exceptionally organized, an expert communicator, and anticipates problems before they even enter the horizon.  On top of her truly unmatched skills, Crystal’s incredible personality radiates throughout her work – from her overwhelming positivity and unshakable ethical standards to her tough but fair attitude – I’m always proud to put her directly in contact with clients as a front-facing member of our team.  Crystal has also built an incredible team around her, so in the very rare instance that she does take vacation, her team can fill in for her without ever missing a beat, leaving us with around-the-clock coverage. 


Crystal makes every project she touches more professional and efficient, without missing a single detail or losing her personal touch.  Crystal is an A+ Executive Assistant, and any team would be lucky to benefit from her services."

- Morgan Cuthbertson

Senior Associate, Progress Partners

"Crystal has been my assistant for 10 years. She handles every bill, every calendar invite, every trip, and more. She has fully replaced the need for an in-person assistant, and I would be lost without her. I highly recommend her services. "

- Michael Abdy

Venture Capitalist

"I’m beyond thrilled with the service and support I have received from Diana and ACE Virtual Assistants so far. I had NO IDEA how much time I was wasting trying to manage email and tasks. The extra time has freed me up to do more strategic planning for my business, which is good. I literally couldn’t ask for better service, but I’m sure there will be more to do as my business grows."

- Kathryn Smith

Founder & Principal Consultant, Walton Birch

"I have been using ACE Virtual Assistants services consistently for the past 5-6 years for at least 40 hours per month with an overall outstanding experience!  Honestly, I don’t remember how I used to function before finding them.

In everything from completing personal tasks such as booking flights & lodging to running the scheduling and billing of my medical practice, in addition to managing all aspects of my online businesses & side hustles, ACE and their team of remote assistants have remained a significant part of my team and are involved in every level of our day to day workflow. It would be impossible for me to manage my clinical position at the hospital while balancing the needs of a busy outpatient practice without the consistent and reliable support of ACE Virtual Assistants. I am thankful every day for their help and assistance in all aspects of life and business!” 

-William W. Bridge, M.D.

Attending Physician, ECU Health Group
Owneer, Carolina Psychiatry

"Crystal has worked with me for a number of years first as my VA, and then as my Business Manager. She has grown and shifted with me as my business has evolved, and there was never anything her or her team couldn’t handle.
Honestly – at times I would’ve been lost without Crystal. As I like to say, she has “saved me from myself” on more than one occasion. She is super personable, has a great bedside manner with clients, and knows how to get down to business and get things done. She’s not afraid to share her opinion, and to speak up if she disagrees with me about something. Her extensive experience means she’s seen just about everything. (And if she doesn’t have hands on experience, she knows how to figure it out.)

In my mind, 2 things set her apart: 1) her ability to find solutions; to listen to a challenge or problem and come up with viable and creative solutions and ideas and 2) Crystal has very high standards and is extremely ethical. Her positive energy made it such a pleasure to work together week in and week out. Crystal is a rare find and will be an invaluable asset to any team.

- Jenny Munn

The Munn Group

"Crystal has done work for me over the last three years. She deals with any task quickly, efficiently and cheerfully! She has the ability to view work strategically and prioritizes well, often pre-empting my requests. Crystal is incredibly good at what she does. She never misses a beat.


In working with Crystal and her company we experienced a level of commitment and dedication surpassed by none. Crystal's flexibility, understanding of the complex needs of our process, ability to adjust to a changing dynamic, and overall pleasant demeanor all contributed to a stellar experience in working with Crystal."


My colleagues and I can wholeheartedly recommend Executive Assistance without hesitation"

- Eddie Lang

CEO, HouseFax

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