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What Can You Outsource to Virtual Assistants?

These days, the role of Virtual Assistants cannot be overemphasized. As families, startups and corporations are making efforts to expand, more time is spent tackling internal tasks rather than focusing on marketing strategies to grow. Virtual Assistants can make all the difference by taking care of your admin tasks and trimming down your work hours by a huge margin.

The best part of it all is that VAs like ACE Virtual Assistants can work remotely while delivering quality day-to-day service. What tasks can you assign to Virtual Assistants? We’ll explore them below:

Data Entry

Virtual Assistants can remotely take care of imputing your company’s symbolic, alphabetic, or numeric data that can be updated hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Social Media Management

For your business to grow organically, you need to strike a good marketing strategy. And most of it relies on social media. Virtual Assistants take the weight off your shoulder by researching topics online and offline to work out a marketing strategy for your next campaign.

This is an important task that your in-house team may not be able to fully accomplish when they’re deep in other tasks. This typically involves developing and publishing content tailored to your audience with your business’ social media handles.

It also requires monitoring and engaging conversations, collaborating with known influencers, converting leads, and projecting unique strategies to take your business to the next level.

Event Planning

Are you aware that we can plan and organize professional events and meetings, including making arrangements for transportation, locations, and other details?


Scheduling those important calls with investors/clients/potential clients and making network connections can take up so much of a business owner's time which is why it is one of our most requested areas of assistance. Working with Virtual Assistants will give you the peace of mind that all of your calls are being handled without you having to be involved in all of the back and forth that is needed to align schedules. Our assistants are well versed in calendar management and have efficient processes in place that allow us to schedule dozens of calls for our clients per day.

Have doctor appointments you just haven’t had time to make? We can take that off your hand and schedule and track recurring appointments.

Travel Schedule/Booking

Virtual Assistants can handle the business of researching and booking travel reservations for you and your business. Have a preferred airline? Seating preference? Airport? Our personalized approach allows us to learn all of these things about you and how you like to travel. We'll handle it all from flights, hotels and car services to getting it all on your calendar, checking you in and preparing customized travel itineraries with links to all of the important documents related to your trip so that you have quick access to everything you might need.

Email Management

Virtual Assistants can receive and efficiently respond to high volumes of inbound mails, providing customer support and care.

Pay Business/Personal Bills

Your business and personal bill payments can be expertly handled when you hire the services of Virtual Assistants. Programs like QuickBooks, Wave Apps, Workday, Concur, Expensify are just a few of the programs our team helps monitor for our clients.

Set reminders for upcoming events

You could get so caught up in your work that you may forget about your appointments or events you have lined up. Virtual Assistants can handle the business of setting reminders for you.

Locate networking events

Let us help find the next networking event for you. We can research various events to find the right fit, complete the registration process and even reach out to those people/businesses that you'd most like to meet to schedule appointments ahead of time (where speaker, attendee, sponsor lists are available).

Create Agendas

Got a meeting planned and you don’t know how to work out the agenda? Leave it to virtual assistants to handle. Have recurring team meetings or calls scheduled? Let us handle the minutes for those calls to make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page and doesn't forget things that are discussed.

The responsibilities of Virtual Assistants include making dining reservations, identifying client prospects, gift shopping, scheduling doctor appointments, contact management, general research, and lots more.

ACE Virtual Assistants is a reliable team of professionals who can confidently support you, your family and your team responsibly. It is our job to help you focus on what’s really important to take your brand forward.

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