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ACE Virtual Assistants: Our Success Story

Every success that is celebrated has a tale behind it. Many do not know our story… here it is.

Our Founder, Crystal Whalen, worked for a Virtual Assistance company that accepted and assigned clients to their hired assistants. Things were going great, she had been promoted from Individual Clients to Team. Then 2 months later she woke up at 5 am to a text message from a previous “Individual” client asking her “What is going on? What does this mean?” She had no clue what he was asking or why he was reaching out as it had been 2 months since she had supported him. He only responded with “Check your email”.

Crystal opened her account and there sat an email directed to all assistants and the clients. The email stated that the Friday previous was the last day the company would be running. Management shut down and “they were sorry”. There were no signs, just 2 weeks prior she was approached to join the “training” team to help build training portals for incoming assistants, then this happened.

It was difficult to come to terms with. Picture a woman just figuring out her path in the corporate world, fueled by a passion to deliver quality virtual service to her company’s benefactors just dealing with the plight of unemployment. Let alone the fact she was standing there that morning not sure what she was going to do as a single mother of three. She knew she had support available from others but had promised herself she would always be able to take care of herself and her children, she would rely on no one.

That very morning, about an hour after Crystal felt her world fall apart, the two Team clients she was assigned to previous to the company shutting down immediately wanted to work directly with her. Within hours, what seemed to be honestly devastating to her, turned into one of the biggest blessings of her life. Within the first few weeks, besides the Teams continuing to work with her, Crystal started having her previous “Independent” clients reach out requesting her support; it was very humbling. Those beginning days, weeks, and months motivated her even more to put in her very best in delivering quality service. She found purpose and set up ACE Virtual Assistants shortly after.

We grew organically from one Virtual Assistant (Crystal) and 2 clients to a company of 11 team members with a 1000% increase in our clientele. You might be wondering “How did you get to this point in so much short time?”

The answer is simple and has been our number one key strategy: referrals from our clients. This can only be made possible by the unique way in which we handle to take on our clients’ tasks. Our clients, impressed by our team’s service, put in a good word to other clients looking for virtual assistants to work with.

Noticeably, we had some clients who were hesitant to work with us. The idea of remote workers handling administrative duties was a tad farfetched. Understandably, they felt the in-person staff was necessary for running their business smoothly.

However, since the global pandemic started, the role of virtual assistants and remote workers has become more pronounced than ever before. Working from home is the new normal and ACE Virtual Assistants was right in the middle of it. We were 10 steps ahead after almost 6 years of operating on a remote level with our clients. We knew the tricks of the trade, self-discipline, and communication skills required to make remote work successful.

While some of our Assistants still work remotely from their homes, we’ve been running the last 3 years with an onsite office. We are proud to announce that we have expanded to 2 office spaces, with a larger staff who is capable of handling your administrative responsibilities.

ACE Virtual Assistants was birthed out of a need to help our clients focus on what’s really important by expertly taking care of their internal tasks. We have been consistently doing so. And now that we’ve expanded our network to a much larger office space with more staff, we are more than ready to assist you in taking care of your tasks.

Our success story continues with you. Reach out to us today.

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