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Virtual Assistants
for Busy People 

Helping You Focus on What Matters Most.

Save Time

Accomplish More

Gain Peace of Mind

You deserve more time
& peace of mind.

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Like us, you're probably:

  • A busy person balancing a lot like a family, home, and work.

  • Overwhelmed with how many things are on your to do list. 

  • Tired of wasting time on tasks that take away from your main focus. 

  • Stressed because you have employees at work but not enough help at home. 

  • Frustrated that you have to switch between tasks so often. 


Virtual before we had to be.

Many people had to learn how to work remotely in 2020 but we have perfected our online workflows over the past 7 years. Our founder, Crystal, has 25 years of administrative and office experience. She recognized many inefficiencies in these businesses and knew there was a better solution. 

People do not realize how much time is "wasted" on the little things, taking your focus away from the important business dealings. We are a team of Virtual Assistants striving to make the lives of others easier. 

With our team of Assistants available to you, you never have to worry about employees calling out so you will never go without coverage. Let us help you so that you can drive on, and we keep the flow going. ​​

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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for You?

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Support So You Can Focus on Big Goals

The hardest part is letting go, the reward is seeing your focus where it needs to be.

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Trained to Tackle Any Task, Big or Small

Our Assistants are trained and have a vast collection of resources to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

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Delegate Work with Confidence

Your Assistant will be ready and willing to help with the In-Scope Tasks you delegate.

Packages for Every Need

  • Am I assigned a dedicated Assistant?
    Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated Assistant who will be responsible for managing your tasks and assisting you directly. Keep in mind that with ACE Virtual Assistants, should you ever have a large task or need coverage while your Assistant is out of office, you have a team of trained Assistants available for your coverage.
  • Am I too small of a business to have a Virtual Assistant?
    There is no person, family, or team too small to need a Virtual Assistant. We help manage the lives of families, small business, and large corporations. We've assisted everyone from sole proprietors to entire companies. Our package hours range in size to accommodate your needs.
  • How soon can I start working with ACE Virtual Assistants?
    Once the contract is signed and the initial invoice is paid (all packages are prepaid), you can begin working with your Assistant as early as the next business day.
  • How is my information kept confidential?
    Data you provide your assistant will be stored securely via LastPass; an encrypted password and data website. We recommend any sensitive information be delivered over the phone or via shared access through your own personal LastPass account.
  • How is time spent on my tasks tracked?
    Your assistant will be utilizing Harvest Time Tracker when working on tasks or communicating with you. You are billed for physical time worked/time spent solely on your file. On Fridays, you will receive a week-end report detailing how time was spent on tasks. Calls/tasks are broken down by type and will include details.


Executive & C-Suite Support

Scheduling & Calendar Management

Company Travel Planning

CRM Management

Expense Reports

Accounts Payable & Receivable

General Bookkeeping


Calendar Management

Child Activity Registration & Management

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Paying Personal Bills

Planning Family Travel

Personal Shopping


Data Entry & Mining


Social Media Management

Industry Prep/Researching Clients

Team Onboarding

Preparing Presentations

Document Editing


Assistance for Assistants

Vacation Coverage

One-Time Tasks for EAs

What Clients Say

I've had the pleasure of working with Crystal Whalen for approximately 10 years, during which she has served as our company's Executive Assistant. Crystal's support has been indispensable to me and our entire team. Her dedication, efficiency, and self-motivation have consistently exceeded our expectations.

Crystal seamlessly manages a myriad of responsibilities, including scheduling, travel arrangements, and expense reports. However, her contributions extend far beyond administrative tasks. She has been instrumental in coordinating conferences, both those we host and attend, ensuring everything runs smoothly and that I am always where I need to be, when I need to be there.

What truly sets Crystal apart is her ability to adapt and excel in a remote work environment. Despite the challenges posed by our busy financial firm, Crystal has seamlessly replaced the traditional in-person assistant role, demonstrating exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.

I wholeheartedly recommend Crystal and her team to any organization in need of reliable and dedicated support. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to handle the full spectrum of responsibilities associated with an in-house assistant remotely speak volumes about her professionalism and competence. Crystal's contributions have been invaluable to our success, and I am grateful to have her on our team.

- Nick MacShane 

Founder/Senior Managing Director - Progress Partners

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Get Started with ACE


Fill out our intake form to set up a call.


Speak with our Client Relations Manager about your goals


Give us your to do list and we will take care of the rest.


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